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Fruit Pursuit - Fruits of the Spirit

• Picked up mobile project from previous developer to continue development
• Implemented improvements to gameplay
• Design work on text, gameplay balance, level, and UI layout
• Coordinated with small, local, "indie" team
• Available on iPhone App Store

This was the first professional project I worked on! Now available on the iPhone's App Store.

Carnival Games PC

• Junior Software Engineer
• Fixed various issues to prepare console game for a port to PC
• Programmer for Mouse & Keyboard support for PC port of game - UI Programming
• Click image to view it on the Steam store!

XCOM: Chimera Squad

• UI Engineer, Junior Software Engineer
• Developed with team at Mass Media
• Click image to view it on the Steam store!


• Developed with Unreal Engine 4 using Blueprints
• 2D action platformer that uses 3D space to create interesting platforming and engagements
• Programmer and designer for gameplay
• Designed level and lighting
• Programmed and designed boss fight using Unreal's behavior tree system with blueprints
• Implemented Epic's professional assets - applied Epic's character animations, meshes, rigs, and world assets to new game genre
• Implemented audio developer's music and SFX, applied modulation to SFX to help mix better with music
• Created in under 5 days for the weekly game jam
• The theme was "Vaporwave"

No More Spacers

• Developed with C# and Unity
• Programmer for combat, third person character controls, animation
• Created 3D character movement by switching between root motion animation to physics driven - programming with physics and 3D math
• Used Unity and Mecanim to create a "stylish action" combat game in which the player combines attack chains, quick movement, and a special "launch attack" to juggle enemy combatants in the air while dodging lasers
• Created game properties like attack chains, animation canceling, juggling, knockback, hitstun
• Created basic enemy state routines - pathfind to player, attack when close, hitstun state
• Designed a visually surreal and intense experience using Unity's lighting and particle tools
• Designed the game rules, level, and general challenge
• Solo entry for the 72 hour Ludum Dare 42 game jam
• The theme was "Running Out of Space"

Ruby Bridges

• Developed with C# and Unity
• Programmer for character movement, controls, player animation, and camera
• Character uses standard Third-Person style controls, along with a toggle to "Over-the-Shoulder" style camera to point the character's lantern forward at all times
• Used jam as practice for 3D math and character animation programming
• Created in 48 hours for LSUS 2018 game jam
• The theme was "Parallel Dimensions"

Players found the game to be overall solid. The main mechanic, switching between dimensions, worked well and had good puzzles to complement it. The SFX for the monsters (a teammate licking his lips like Hannibal) was found to be rather disturbing by most players, but that was the atmosphere we were going for. The sensitivity when using a mouse for the standard 3rd-person camera was too low due to a last minute bug, but the over-the-shoulder camera was apparently working fine.


• Developed with C# and Unity
• Implemented camera work that makes use of 3D math in order to change between different camera perspectives such as side scrolling, top down, back to forward
• Implemented 3D character gameplay animation
• Experimented with using math like sin to create interesting bullet patterns
• Created character concept and turn around
• Created a simple 3D humanoid model in blender
• Rigged humanoid character
• Designed level by creating simple level assets in blender to work with

The camera work in this game came out well, and players found it to be really cool. Despite it's simplicity, the look of the game was positive thanks to the camera and player-enemy contrast. Aiming controls on analog stick need to be adjusted, as players found aiming on controller to be difficult at times.


Lit Bit Retro Mix

• Developed with C# and Unity
• Programmer for enemy patterns and general gameplay, such as score tracking, game loop, and object pooling using C# with Unity
• Received 1st place at the Digifest South 2017, 48 hour game jam
• Worked with random team of 4 in competitive game jam
• The theme was "8-Bit Renaissance"

We were informed that the game's target audience would be grade-schooler students, and if it won, it would be on display all day. So, we set our scope on a simple game that anyone could play and would be difficult to break. When I arrived at the convention late in the day, the game appeared to be working as intended, and kids were enjoying it.


Officer Baron's Afternoon Investigation!

• Developed with C# and Unity
• Created 2D game with visual novel style elements such as text boxes, character portraits, and text input field to guess the culprit
• Created script for parsing text and displaying it in a conversation style format
• Designed the level and story
• Implemented standard top-down 2D character movement for navigating the level
• Made in 48 hours for DMI's Bear Game Jam in 2017
• The theme was "You can't outrun them..."

Player feedback found the mystery to be fair, and generally enjoyed the game. The common criticism was that the text field input for naming the culprit is confusing, which makes sense as it was implemented in the last 2 hours of the jam, haha. The art I received is fantastic and makes the game really endearing. I learned a lot from this game, and it was pleasantly different from other projects I have worked on.


Final Frontier

• Developed with C++ and SDL
• Practiced basic SDL concepts: rects, textures, surface, event handling, importing ttf and mixer libraries for printing text to screen and playing audio
• Made in 24 hours
• Made during the 2017 SAU hour game jam

Learned a lot from this one, some pretty hard lessons when it comes to building a distributable version with Visual Studio / C++ / SDL at the end. However, I kept the game scope small, so I was able to deal with the issues I faced throughout the jam. I am pleased with the final project, and it got a few laughs out of my friends.


Pajama Man and the Spooky Cave

• Developed with Blueprint in Unreal
• Learned about lighting in Unreal 4
• Implemented flashlight and battery mechanic
• Implemented player-enemy interaction. For example, enemies freeze when player points the flashlight at them
• Designed the level
• Created in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 39 game jam
• The theme was "Running Out of Power"

The feedback I received for this one was interesting. Many people found it to be pretty, despite the low level of light. A particular ghost towards the end frightened many players, so the horror element is somewhat successful. The instant-death was frustrating, but with more time a solution, such as a health system, could be implemented.

The First Circle

• Developed with C# and Unity
• Implemented enemy spawning and following
• Implemented collisions for the arena, player, and enemies
• Implemented squirt gun using ray-casting to defend player
• Created art and SFX
• Received perfect score for gameplay
• Made in 48 hours for LaTech 2017 game jam.
• The theme was "Dante's Inferno"

Player must keep "followers" safe from enemies that chase them by rotating a conga line and by making use of a super soaker water blaster that pushes away enemies. For the art, I made everything circular to try and give it a silly theme with the programmer art I was able to make in that time. I found it interesting that, during the play session, many players attempted to sacrifice some of their followers early to give themselves more mobility! I was very pleased with the feedback, as pretty much everyone at the jam loved it, and found it to be unique.


Super Air-er EXE

• Developed with C# and Unity
• Programmed 3-hit attack chain and special attack properties, such as launching
• Programmed and designed unique jumping mechanic
• Created art assets for level and UI

Platformer prototype. I was interested in exploring a Megaman Zero style of game - Megaman with more vertically open levels. I experimented with "action game properties" like launching opponents, freezing them in the air, and a 3-hit attack string. I came up with a mechanic where the player can restore their jumps by defeating enemies and reflecting projectiles. The aim is to stay in the air as long as possible, and the player receives more "style" points for accomplishing this, indicated by the words in the top right. Some players found "up" as jump to be distateful, and preferred a standard button like many traditional platformers. It was also perceived as too difficult. I think I managed to get to the top of the Death Tower once...


Catastrophic Crisis Catacomb Quarantine

• Developed with C# and Unity
• Worked on enemy spawning, level design, game loop, music speed, player interaction
• Implemented assets
• Made in 48 hours for LSUS annual game jam
• The theme was "1000 Kittens"

2D Cooperative game in which players must work together to catch hundreds of cats. Described by players as "therapeutic." Most players enjoyed the game and found it to be both entertaining and challenging. A major flaw is that if the game stays in a stalemate for too long, it can become too physically strainful, as the players are rapidly mashing a button.


Pizza Break

• Developed with C# and Unity
• Used fundamental Unity scripting and tools to create simple breakout clone

Gave it a unique twist with the player's ball being a pizza that loses slices when it hits the bricks, changing it's trajectory as the game continues. Added powerups to make the game more dynamic, and created silly audio to keep it exciting. Used “juice” and style to turn a simple breakout clone into something entertaining and ridiculous. Shouting "Pizza!" became a joke among the players.


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