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Level Redesign Proposal

I was tasked with creating a mock-document to redesign a level in a game. I used Devil May Cry 4's Mission 13 for the proposal. I started by playing through the level several times, taking notes as I went. I then created a rough draft of my thoughts. I then went back into the game to get screenshots to go along with my writing, and sent it out to some friends for peer reviews. I then created a map of the original level and its route using pieces of the map from the game. I also used the pieces to construct my proposed redesign. I used gimp for image editing. After receiving peer reviews, I re-implemented the formatting and included my final images, along with following the criticism to elaborate as necessary, deliver a more clear message, fix typos, and overall improve the document. I also discussed the reviews with some of my peers via text / phone in order to further understand what changes needed to be made.


Click the image to read it!

Action Game Properties

Created quick prototype (After playing too much God Hand) to mimic similar third-person style action game properties such as: Juggles, Launch/Knockback, Damage, Attack-chains

Third-Person Controller in Unity

Created a third-person style camera/player in Unity. Implemented quick-turn animation and slowdown run-to-stop animation.

Character Illustration Commission

I drew some sketches and a turn-around in order to create a 3D humanoid model to use in one of my 3D game prototypes. I liked how the prototype turned out, so I sent in the sketches and model, along with some notes to an artist to flesh out the character some more. Here's some of the designs he came up with. I love his interpretation!

Artist: Rukunetsu

Unity Terrain Editing

I spent my time during the Ludum Dare 41 learning more about Unity's default terrain editor and lighting. I didn't walk away with a game this time, but I had a valuable experience playing around with the editor and pro-builder to further understand lighting, post-processing, level editing, composition, etc.

Unity Terrain Editing - Early Morning

Unity Terrain Editing - Evening

XCOM 2 - Shield Mod

Screenshot of the XCOM 2 shield mod I worked on. Created a shield mesh using blender and used UnrealScript (Unreal Engine 3) to implement stats/abilities to soldiers when equipped.

XCOM 2 - Fire Emblem Awakening
Voice Mod

Voice pack mod that adds 6 character voices to XCOM 2 character creation pool from Fire Emblem Awakening. Audio edited using Audacity, and implemented through Unreal 3.


Click image for video.

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